Bistrot Victoires

My second Friday night in Paris (the first was spent recovering from dragging three heavy suitcases up three flights of stairs, but that’s another story), we decided to eat out at one of Paris’ many many bistros. It was N’s last night here for a few weeks, so we wanted something special, but not so special we’d have no money to live on afterwards. Eating out in Paris is expensive…

We did some research and found a brilliant Guardian article recommending the top 10 budget bistros in Paris. Top of the list was Bistrot Victoires (6 Rue de la Vrillière, 75001 Paris). Thankfully it was a nice evening, after the week’s constant rain, so we could walk to the restaurant and take it all in without getting soaked. Just walking through the streets is a treat in itself, it’s so beautiful here.

We arrived at about 8pm, and were lucky to get a table when we did. Not long after we sat down there was a massive queue out the door. Service was brisk and efficient – it kind of had to be, it was so busy – and within 10 minutes of sitting down, we had bread, water and wine. The food came not long after, and was pretty good for the price. I ordered a steak with thyme and chips, and N had steak tartare. Mine was a little fatty/chewy, but I wasn’t complaining considering both wine and food were cheap. Both main meals came to around €12.50 each, and a bottle of decent red was €15. To finish it off, we shared profiteroles with chocolate ice-cream – so so good. In all the bill came to around €45, which isn’t bad considering we were so close to the Louvre.

It was exactly how you would image a Parisian bistro to be – tiny intimate tables, mirrored walls and a stacked bar. There was even an antique till (next to the modern one…). In all, I’d definitely recommend Bistrot Victoire if you’re in Paris and looking to eat out somewhere that feels authentically Parisian, but isn’t too crazy expensive.

The food wasn’t the best I’ve had, but that didn’t matter too much. We were tipsy, 2 minutes walk from the Louvre, and in Paris.

I didn’t manage to take a picture of the restaurant, but here’s one of me on the way instead. Outside the Palais Garnier, posing unashamedly and not smiling in the photo as much as I thought I was.
  • Dress – Whistles
  • Coat – The Kooples
  • Shoes – Clarks
  • Bag – Vintage

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4 thoughts on “Bistrot Victoires

  1. What a lovely read your blog is. Considering you have only been there for nearly two weeks you have visited some interesting places I didn’t know about. What a wonderful adventure and experience for you.


  2. Emily you look so French.. I won’t recognise you in 12 months. Lots of love. So nice to see picures of the Moulin Rouge. Never seen so many beautiful boobies in all my life. Thanks for the mamory I mean memory jog… Glad you are ok xx


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