Apt given Friday’s events, but this isn’t a post about Paris at all.

Months ago my brother J and I had planned to go to the theatre – we never spend any time together, and thought that a trip to London would be a great way to celebrate his birthday and do some sightseeing. For one reason or another, our first attempt at this weekend fell through, and we rearranged to meet just over a week ago.

It was my first time getting the Eurostar since I moved to Paris, and I was amazed at how easy it was. I could bring a bottle of wine with me no problem, and got through security quickly without having to wait. Gare du Nord isn’t signposted very well from the métro, and I still find the RER train confusing, but I made it in plenty of time. Once I was on the train, the seats were comfortable and I spend the journey reading and dozing.

In no time at all we had arrived! Incredibly I was in the centre of London by 9:30am, and it was completely worth the early start. I met with my brother and we headed straight to Oxford Street.

I won’t go into all the details of our visit here, but a few things that stood out and that I’d highly recommend:

The Book of Mormon – we went to see this at the Prince of Wales Theatre, and had such a great time. I’d seen it before with N a couple of years ago, but it was just as funny this time round. My sides hurt I was laughing so much. Definitely worth going to see it if you’re looking to see a show on the West End. Note: probably not best for those easily offended… 

Vertigo 42 – (42, Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HQ) We wanted to go somewhere special for a drink, and this place definitely fit the bill. We were staying near Tower Bridge and I googled ‘cocktail bars nearby’ and this was one of the most highly ranked. Google did well – we never would have found this place otherwise. It’s on the 42nd floor of a skyscraper in the City, and you have to make a booking to get a table. Easily done through Google, and we had a table within an hour and a half. Once sat down, the view is absolutely incredible, and just before nightfall was the perfect time to go. As it’s a champagne bar, and expensive, this isn’t somewhere to come for the entire night, but just for a special one. We had a brilliant time and I’d absolutely go back.

Muriel’s Kitchen – (1-3 Pelham St, London SW7 2ND) Feeling just a little worse for wear after Saturday night, we decided to go for brunch somewhere close to Harrods, as J wanted to look around. Google Maps came up trumps again, and this place was perfect. There was a queue out the door when we arrived (a good sign), but it moved quickly, and was absolutely worth it. I was so hungry, so ordered an orange juice, almond croissant (good, not quite as good as Paris though…), and blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. So so so good. A brilliant place to come if you’re in South Kensington and looking for brunch.

In all, we had a brilliant weekend, and I’ll definitely be getting the Eurostar back to visit.

Or, after the referendum, maybe I’ll just stay in Paris forever.

Wouldn’t that be nice.


2 thoughts on “Londres

  1. Emily you certainly know how to find great places to visit, eat and drink. Thank you for the ideas. I am so pleased that you and Jack enjoyed your time in London together.


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