My second week at work I was lucky enough to win two free tickets to the Friday night of the Solidays festival on the outskirts of Paris. Luckily the night of the festival N was still staying, so we could go together. I’d just moved apartments the day before, so it felt like a wonderful way to celebrate.

We left at around 7:30, and after a wine detour got to the Longchamp racecourse around 8:15. There was an absolutely huge queue, and we ended up waiting to get in for around an hour, even with my fast track pass. But the atmosphere was electric and the weather was amazing, so we didn’t mind so much.

Solidays is a solidarity festival and raises money for a French AIDs awareness group. It was the day that Brexit was announced, and after all the negativity in the news, it was amazing to be in a space filled with people so positive and happy to be there.

Once inside, the festival was huge. You could see those Haussmanian traditional Parisian buildings in the distance, but we were surrounded by greenery. There was so much to do, lots of places to eat and stages to see. Wine was expensive (and hard to come by – most bars only sold beer or spirits), but that didn’t matter.

It was so nice just to wander in the warm summer air, listening to music and dancing with N. What a way to spend our first Friday in Paris together.



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