Avenue de Montaigne

My first Sunday in my new apartment.

The weather was grey and drizzling and I had a banging headache, but I was determined not to waste an entire free day in Paris. There isn’t a lot to do in my arrondissement (16th) on a Sunday, but the Palais de Tokyo is quite close by so I thought I’d wander around for the afternoon.

As soon as I got to the museum I felt incredibly underdressed. I hadn’t realised that it was Men’s fashion week (this week has been couture, the dream), and outside the museum it was swarming with street style photographers and incredibly dressed men and women. I absolutely love fashion blogs but I had gone out in my trainers without putting on any makeup, so felt a little out of place, and my headache was getting worse, so I decided to take a walk down the Avenue de Montaigne and spend the rest of the day relaxing back at the apartment.

Avenue de Montaigne is one corner of the Triangle d’Or, Paris’ best (read: most luxury filled) shopping streets. I had read that the first Dior store was on this street, so wanted to see it and pretend I had the means to buy something.

A lot of the shops were closed with it being a Sunday, and I couldn’t afford anything even if they were open, but it was amazing just to meander down the Avenue and dream.


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