Paris Pride

This particular weekend I had no plans beyond exploring and doing some chores.

Luckily, I’d been invited out with a girl from work and her friends (not another weekend alone!) and met them in a little bistro in Odéon. We ended up spending the whole day together, wandering through the streets with ice-cream, sitting underneath the shelter of a cafe terrace when it started pouring with rain and seeing what Le Marais had to offer.

Happily, the sun came out eventually and we stumbled upon Paris Pride. A huge, peaceful, happy parade dancing its way along the Seine. The atmosphere was so joyful and infectious, I only wish I could have been dancing with them on the parade trucks!

On our way to get a drink we found a huge concert outside Bastille. There was a big police presence, as there should have been (this was only a few days after the Orlando attack), but the energy was optimistic.

We watched the Italy Euro game, and then ended up in a superclub in Marais, for about 5 minutes before we left. Most people were out dancing in the street anyway.

For my first real night out in Paris, it was a pretty awesome one.



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