Style Pixie

I’ve been needing to get my haircut for ages. It’s been six months since my last cut, and I was beginning to look a little bedraggled. I wanted to brave a hair salon, but my french is still nowhere near up to scratch, and I’d read that french hairstylists can tend to be a little trigger happy with the scissors.

I did a little research and found Style Pixie (94200 sur, 2 Rue Edouard Vasseur, 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine), an English speaking salon, with reasonable prices (for Paris). It’s in the suburbs, so a bit of a trek but completely worth it. I emailed them to book on a Thursday, heard back within the day, and had an appointment for the Saturday morning.

It’s a small warehouse down a side street in Ivry-sur-Seine, completely open plan, with exposed brick and painted a peacock blue. They use Tigi products, which I love – they small amazing – and my hairstylist Gigi was so friendly. I was torn between keeping my hair at a medium length and going for something a lot shorter, and she left me feeling like I’d made the right decision (medium length) – “in my experience, if you’re not sure, it’s best to just not do it”.

I’m so pleased with the way she cut my hair, and relieved to have found an English speaking place in Paris. I want an authentic experience while I’m here, but for my hair I’m definitely not willing to experiment.

Would highly recommend and will definitely be going back next time I need a trim. 


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