Le Bal des Pompiers

Quatorze juillet  (or Bastille Day), fell on a Thursday this year, which meant a 4 day weekend.

The night before, I finished work with that Friday feeling (on a Wednesday!), and headed home to N. We’d stocked up on cheap fizz, and were planning on heading to a Bal des Pompiers, or Firemen’s Ball.

They take place every year on the 13th July, and are held by each arrondissment’s fire station. I’m not exactly sure why they happen, or the history behind them, but that doesn’t really matter. All we knew was that there was going to be music, drinks and firemen (all fine with me!).

We looked up the best parties in the city, and settled on one in Pigalle – known as Paris’ red-light district, but really it’s quite trendy and filled with lots of cool bars and restaurants. We arrived to a small queue to get into the fire station courtyard. It was filled with coloured fairy lights, vines climbing the walls, and a live band playing Stevie Wonder on a small stage.

Champagne was more expensive than we’d hoped, so we settled on a big plastic bottle of cheap Rosé between us – tasted like fruit juice, but deceptively strong. The band played on,  before a DJ played 90s and early 00s tunes. There was even a brazilian dance duo later on in the night, before the band came back to play its last set.

Fuelled by pink wine, I might have even climbed up on stage at one point to dance with the crowd. We had an absolutely amazing time – it was a beautiful night, and we were both feeling so happy to be there.

Loving Paris so far.



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