Quatorze Juillet – Nuit

I decided to take a month off the blog because August has been so busy with friends coming to stay. Lots of new places and experiences to write about though, so expect more posts coming up.

The day of Quatorze Juillet had been such a long one, but we were so excited for the fireworks in the evening. My brother J and his three friends were staying the night, on the last leg of their trip driving around Europe – so we had a great crowd to spend the night with.

We made our way to the Champs de Mars, and drank cheap fizz on the street before we made our way in. Security was so tight that we weren’t allowed to bring bottles in with us, but no matter as the rue was filled with happy people laughing and drinking before heading to see the fireworks.

I’d heard that the Champs de Mars was the best but most crowded place to see the fireworks and music at the Eiffel Tower, and that people stake out their places all day just to get a good view. I was determined though – I made all of the boys hold hands so we wouldn’t lose anyone in the massive crowd, and fought our way through to a good space.

The light was dimming, and an opera concert was playing at the front  of the crowd when we found our space. We didn’t have to wait long before the music and fireworks started, and it was the most amazing experience. La vie en Rose played as the Eiffel Tower lit up in le tricolor, and I cried a little with happiness that I was lucky enough to be having this experience.

Although we had a wonderful time, this was also the night of the Nice attacks.

There are no more words other than that my thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected by what happened that night.

Love and prayers for Nice.


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