Paris pretty much empties during August. Restaurants close down, the streets are silent and there is always room to sit on the métro.

The office was really quiet, and so when we were all offered free tickets to the FNAC Live festival I didn’t have much competition for them, and managed to get two for me and N.

It was a balmy Thursday night after work, and we made our way to the beautiful Hôtel de Ville in Le Marais for music and a few drinks. We were lucky enough to have VIP tickets, and so didn’t have to queue, and were given access to a small courtyard with bars and ice-cream stands. All free.

After a small bottle of Champagne we found the VIP access to the stage – where there was an area cordoned off at the front of the crowd. Literally just at the front, we were so close we could see every little detail on stage.

I didn’t know any of the acts playing except Yael Naïm, an Israeli-French singer who I loved during my undergrad. Funnily enough, my favourite song of hers is called ‘Paris’.

Dancing in the crowd with N to some beautiful music, merry from the Champagne, and looking round at the amazing setting, I thought about what my 19 year old self would have thought of this night, and had a little happy-cry.

It was a beautiful night, and I floated home feeling so lucky and grateful to be here.

Loving this city.


*My jumpsuit and bomber jacket are from Zara, and the sandals are from Thierry 21 (French shoe shop I’ve just discovered and love). A stylist from Bumble and Bumble had been in the office that day, and did my hair, which I loved!



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