I’ve always loved Disney. So when my friend K came to stay for 4 days at the end of August, it seemed like the perfect chance to visit Disneyland Paris. She’s as much of a Disney fan as I am, and we’d both been looking forward to it for months.

The morning we’d planned to go, we got up early, packed a backpack of snacks and water and headed over to Gare du Nord to catch the Disney bus. Absolutely brilliant and included in the ticket price of 75€, we were there within the hour.

We were so excited we ended up jogging to the entrance, and I was just so happy to be there I felt a bit emotional! We started off with the Walt Disney Studios park, which was great but not the main  event for either of us. It’s smaller than the main Disneyland Park and has Pixar rides (we went on a brilliant Finding Nemo ride), Ratatouille Parisian themed restaurants and the Haunted Hotel.

We didn’t stay there too long before making our way to the Disneyland Park and wandering around. We went on as many rides as possible, met Minnie mouse and Princess Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog), and tried on tiaras in Sleeping Beauty’s palace. We stayed for the parade, and it was absolutely magical. The detail they put into everything from Mickey stamps on the lampposts to the costumes of the people selling ice cream, is just incredible.

I’d visited when I was little, and remember everything being massive, but coming back now, more than 20 years later the park seemed a lot smaller. We managed to make our way round in a day and felt like we did it justice. If you’re visiting from Paris, you’ll need a full day and will be absolutely shattered afterwards (lots of walking), but it will be absolutely worth it.

It really was a magical day, and I’d love to go again. We had a peek inside the Disneyland Hotel on our way out, and it looked beautiful. Maybe next time, we’ll head for the spa…!




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