A little bit late – we’re way past summer now, it hasn’t stopped raining in Paris this week – but I wanted to write a quick one about my weekend in Spain at the end of September.

My bestie K has lived in Marbella for the past few years, and I hadn’t been out to visit for a while so promised I would before the end of the year. It really was a whistlestop trip, arriving on a Friday morning and leaving on a Sunday, but I’m so glad I went out. We had such a brilliant, relaxed weekend.

Since living in Paris, I’ve found that outside of work I’ve actually met more Spanish people than French. I’m nowhere near fluent, but can speak Spanish to a conversational level and can understand 80% of the time. I was keen to practice, and having the confidence to speak made a nice change after struggling to grasp French the past few months!

The end of September is a wonderful time to see the south of Spain, as it isn’t too crowded with tourists, and the weather is still beautifully warm (I even managed to get sunburnt on the beach). On Friday, after a day filled with sun, wine, tapas and amazing company we ended up at K’s fiance, C’s restaurant – La Estancia. 2 minutes walk away from the seafront. An Argentinian grill with the best steak I’ve ever had. Highly recommend if you’re ever in Marbella.

Saturday, we visited El Corte Ingles, walked around Puerto Banus (beautiful and wealthy, filled with super-yachts), drank sangria and ended up going to the cinema to see the new Bridget Jones – which is brilliant by the way.

Marbella really is a beautiful and welcoming part of the world to head to if you fancy an easy beach holiday. Fab weekend and I can’t wait to go back again soon.



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